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Pendulum – The Island, Part 2 (The Dusk)

August 21, 2010

I used to rock out to Pendulum way back in 05… Hold Your Color still is the definite drum n bass album to me.  Sure there’s alot of other styles out there.  That whole jazzy hospital records scene, and all that evil sounding DnB like Noisia or Ewun or Dieselboy or whatev.  But noone combined all the disparate styles together, with musicality, sensitivity to song structure, melody, top notch production chops, and plain ole badass rocking choons like Pendulum.

Though their last album left me disappointed, this new single, The Island Part 2 (Dusk) off their third studio album is a freakin huge over the top rave in a box that harkens back to those halycon 2005 days of yore.  Taking aim at the whole dutch house scene, think Afrojack & Chuckie, Pendulum up the energy, throw in murderous classic rave synths, and make an absolutely essential top 10 of the year banger.  Definitely not for the faint of heart.