Example – Last One Standing (Doctor P Remix)

August 19, 2010

British rapper Example recently released a single and put it up on soundcloud… check out the Dr. P mix below, its sick.  As producer of one of the most played crossover dubstep / fidget house tracks of 09, Sweet Shop, Doctor P transforms the original into a huge, booming anthem that’s nicely balanced between dubsteppy wobbles and melodic rap… its a dope track that I probably can’t play at a college bar in the burbs but just might anyways.

Example – Last One Standing (Doctor P Remix)


Nelly – Tippin in the Club

August 19, 2010

This year has been pretty barren for top-40 bangers that I’d wanna drop in my sets, this single off Nelly’s new album is an exception.  This is a triumphant hip hop banger about classic hip hop banger themes such as: 1) being rich 2) telling haters they suck cuz they arent, 3) buying horrifically overpriced mediocre vodka bottles with cool names and labels 4) getting tipsy, 5) being as blue as an avatar, 6) attracting the opposite sex as a result of most prior activities

Nelly – Tippin in the Club

Voltage – All Night (Radio Edit)

August 18, 2010

For the longest time, disco-like sounding house, like dubstep and many other genre’s, was considered the hip and new sound that was ‘up n coming’ for big things.  I never really bought into the hype until now.  Sure, early acts like Hercules and Love Affair were good.  But most new disco had awful production.  Not the case anymore.  Take Voltage.

‘All Night’ combines indie vocals, half of a Cut Copy frontman, and heavy doses of a 70esque shuffling beat, 80s synths, and bouncy, attractive 2010’s production and charm.  If the Skream post below is a track for lovers jaded by the overload of well… everything… then this Voltage track is for lovers who aren’t so serious, and wanna move a little and ‘just let go’.

Voltage – All Night (Radio Edit)

Skream feat. Sam Frank

August 17, 2010

I woke up to this today, and now I am falling asleep to it.  I love the noir feeling to it.  If Bladerunner’s sound track were a cheese-steak (lets face it, its good, but a bit too bluesy) then this track would be exquisite japanese kobe beef, served in an underground sake bar, doused in neon lights, while you’re staring at the beautiful person of sexual interest next to you.  He/she is wearing chrome sunglasses that glitter with the strobes as they match the scintillating beat of Skream’s sublime dubstep….  And you feel longing… is this what it is to live in the 22nd century already?  I think I need another Kirin…

Skream feat. Sam Frank – Where You Should Be

Lady Gaga – Monster (New Remixes)

August 17, 2010

It’s a testament to Lady Gaga’s awesome production team (and songwriting) that even after being around for two years she is both still relevant and controversial.  Heck, the best part about LG to me has been the remixes, they’re what I’ve listenin to WAY before I heard the originals.  I could make a whole post of remixes of her tracks that are all practically classics, but I’ll save it and just present you with two new remixes of Monster by Richie Beretta and by DJ Kue.

Out of the two I prefer the Beretta mix… its got a combination of badass bangerness balanced with a dance synthy chimyness that makes it something guys could actually enjoy for its energy AND girls could dance too.  The DJ Kue mix is good, but for that type of song it’s a bit heavy for girls, and too girly for guys, but heck, I still like it anyways, so screw convention.  Think of it as something thats huge electro, straight up, no apologies… with Gaga on it.  That said, I like both artists, check em out, google, give em mad internet love.

Lady Gaga – Monster (Richie Beretta Remix)

Lady Gaga – Monster (DJ Kue Remix)

Gypsy the Cat – Time to Wander

August 16, 2010

I’ve been totally in love with this band since discovering them recently at one of my favorite indie electronica sites, ElectrorashGypsy the Cat has an ethereal lyricism, sensitivity, and just plain beautiful energy that’s rare these days.  Take ‘Time to Wander’, it practically glows through the speakers.  Completely uplifting electro-pop thats bound to explode to larger and larger audiences.

Back to the world…

August 16, 2010

Well… alot has happened since I stopped posting to this a while ago.  Now I’m DJing at O’Conner’s in Brookfield CT every Friday… and so… this site getting updated is my little way of hooking up everyone around here who happens to be interested in new music and such.

Going to change the look and the format of the blog very soon, along with a focus on a much broader range of music with reviews, interviews, write-ups, weekly mixtapes by yours truly, charts, music downloads, and hopefully start enlisting the help of other likeminded people.

July 7, 2010 Charts

July 7, 2010

Straight No Chasa’s July 7, 2k10 Charts

Diddy – Hello Good Morning (Seamus Haji Remix)

Mastiksoul feat. Dakaneh – Que Pasa

Miles Dyson & Flutuance – Copacabana

Audio Jacker – Pump Up the Volume

Breakdown feat. Whiskey Pete & Stel – Ice Cream

DJ Groover & Jelena Milosev – At Night

Steve Angello & AN21 – Swing N Swoosh

Chris Kaeser – Go Deeper (Big Room Dub)

Sgt. Slick – Sax Attack (Stonebridge Garage Trippin Mix)

Dario Nunez, Misael Deejay – Groove Is In The Heart feat. Nuria Swan

Chris Lake & Marco Lys vs Copyright feat. Tasita D’Mour – La Tromba Risin’ (Copyright Elevation Mix)