Lady Gaga – Monster (New Remixes)

It’s a testament to Lady Gaga’s awesome production team (and songwriting) that even after being around for two years she is both still relevant and controversial.  Heck, the best part about LG to me has been the remixes, they’re what I’ve listenin to WAY before I heard the originals.  I could make a whole post of remixes of her tracks that are all practically classics, but I’ll save it and just present you with two new remixes of Monster by Richie Beretta and by DJ Kue.

Out of the two I prefer the Beretta mix… its got a combination of badass bangerness balanced with a dance synthy chimyness that makes it something guys could actually enjoy for its energy AND girls could dance too.  The DJ Kue mix is good, but for that type of song it’s a bit heavy for girls, and too girly for guys, but heck, I still like it anyways, so screw convention.  Think of it as something thats huge electro, straight up, no apologies… with Gaga on it.  That said, I like both artists, check em out, google, give em mad internet love.

Lady Gaga – Monster (Richie Beretta Remix)

Lady Gaga – Monster (DJ Kue Remix)


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