Don’t look so serious, you got your credit card.

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These tunes bring to mind nights drivin to odd places to get into parties with people you don’t really know in neighborhoods of questionable security… and once you get there and roll in, you suddenly forget everything and realize, I’m alive, there ain’t a better day ever than doin it and doin it well today.

What joins all these songs together is a combination of indie vocals and electronic beats, the Tigercity is a little grimier but smooth, the No Device remix is ethereal and glittery, the Cassian is shrill but catchy, and the Gooseflesh has a really cool vibe and change in energy in the middle of it.  All worthy.  All approved.

Tigercity – Fake Gold (Only Children Remix), this track makes me long for Friday, hangin around people drinkin PBR, watching some VJ doin whatever the heck image thing their doin, and just zoning out with a few friends, chillin to this uber catchy electro disco, indie rocker.

Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry (No Device Remix), just found this over at another of my favorite blogs (Electrorash), not really a dancey track, but this has some really creative use of electronics in it, with tons of color and texture and verve.  A really nice IDM meets Electro bouncy track.

Empire of the Sun – Standing on the Shore (Cassian Remix), there have been endless remixes of Empire of the Sun, but this is the first remix I’ve heard of this track, and its a pretty darn good one at that.  A little brash on the treble, but thats nothing a few beers can’t fix.  Also uber catchy.

Gooseflesh – Still Wild, curious band name, awesome freakin song.  This one goes from indie rocker (just like the above two) an then transforms into some crazy bangin indie electro house beat.  Definitely a cool song, and something that could work well later in the night, say an hour or two into a set.


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