My mind’s a chain of diminishing returns


Cool digs here, found these two new tracks below from over at one of the blogs that originally introduced me to the whole wide world of electro bangers and indie rock remixes, the one and only, Discodust.  Now I could write a book about all the amazing music which was first promoted there.

DD was as big an influence to me as all the 90s rock I grew up with like the Smashing Pumpkins or NIN or Nirvana… and though they’ve slowed down as of late, Discodust is as era-defining a blog as there has been yet.  And so.. enough hyperbole and on with the tunes.

Amy Meredith – Pornstar (Diamond Cut Remix), i like this, its different from Diamond Cut‘s usually 80s sounding synthy stuff, and instead we hear, gasp, live instruments in here.  Lots of guitars, lots of big surging vocals, still very 80s, but more 80s rock, less electro-pop.  Sorta a night-ender of a track.

Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Extended Version), this sounds like something Prince would have written if he were my age and listening to his old recordings of Purple Rain while messin around on Ableton Live, studyin microeconomics, and thinkin about some girl.  This track is hip, sexy, and perfectly paced.


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