3.5 hours of sleep does this to you.


Way way too much imbibed this past weekend.  I think I felt kinda like the girl above, except not happy ex post facto, but hey, you can’t take it with you.  So, on a positive note, this weekend featured alot of new tunes that are really sweet and deserving of your kindly attention.

Chromeo – Night by Night (Skream Remix), never was too into the originals by either Skream or Chromeo, but this remix is classic.  This is vintage 2009 robo-funk-soul-dubstep mo-townish electronic chill out music.  So smooth n suave.  An essential track.

Ladyhawke – Magic (Classixx Remix), the Chromeo track above sings about a dude telling a girl to chill out cuz shes too dramatic and that she should take a step back and relax, this song could have been written from the girls perspective in that convo, a excellent piece of synth-pop and a perfect compliment to the above track.

Dappled Cities – The Price (Whatever Whatever Remix), airy, ethereal, haunting, beautiful, this is one of the most glowing, poignant tracks I’ve heard in quite a while.  Has a similar vibe to that Band of Horses song, ‘Funeral’, cept with a more propulsive indie hipster vocal house beat.


David Guetta & Afrojack – Toyfriend (Instrumental Version), and now for the tunes that rock the freakin’ club into multiple pieces.  This track is hugeness, its part of the that whole new sound where the melody is just some repetitive tweeting thing, but in this track its just so… so… HUGE.

Sean Kingston – Fire Burning (Jody Den Broeder Remix), JDB has been pumping out some quality remixes of top-40s tracks as of late and this one is no exception.  Not anything thats earth-shatteringly new, but definitely a tune you could drop to rein in the more pop-oriented people in the crowd.

Alaa & Kristoffer Ljungberg – Plateau, this track is a pure anthem, just listen to the drop around 3 minutes in and imagine that over the loud speakers at around 100dbs, hitting you off your barstool, not quite a peaktime banger, and not quite a transition track, this one holds down the fort.  Quality.



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