Friday, I’m in Love…


Yo Y’all, wait a minute, cheers from across the interwebs… here’s a few tracks that I happened to enjoy listening to after getting back from a night on the town and thinkin to myself… gosh… what would I have liked to listened too, cuz, you know what man, “I’ve had a long day, and I (_____)ing hate the Eagles.”

The Saturdays – If this Love (Moto Blanco Club Edit), this is some pure house music for house music chicks who want a little disco mixed with their gal bass beats… gotta say though, the verse & chorus are unforgettable, one of the best house tunes of 2008.


El Paso Hot Button – James Ames Dame (Trash Yourself Remix), this is such indie hipster blog haus music… great indie rock catchy hook, cool use of bleepy synths in the background, not quite as ass-kickin as their remake of NWA, but deffers a hipster beat bash.

Lil Jon – I Do (Pance Party Remix), this track is ridiculous, the production is a little raw for my taste, but the thing has such a swagger and a craziness that it has to be shared with the world at lArge.  Don’t anybody represent anymore?  I do.


Sir James – Special (Bingo Players Remix), this is a repetitive track with a pretty simple melody, but there is a subtlety here which often eludes the average house beat… what makes this track so ill is the clarity of that simple beat, its difficult to make something so basic be so punchy & so bangin.

ATFC – I Called U (The Conversation Killer), here’s something you’ve never heard before, a house beat, a backing synth an a saxophone playing the same thing over and over (only slightly different every few bars or so)… except… this time, its freakin ill, an the drop and buildup is HUGE.  A quality track thru n thru.


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