Wow… October has been real slow so far… guess thats what happens when you have such a SICK Septembers worth of tracks… here’s a few that I specifically love and will be including in my next mixtape.

Sgt. Slick – Right in the Night (Angger Dimas Remix) – amazin, huge, hypnotic, epic tech-housin trip of a track, SOOOooo good, when DJed right can be played at any point of a gig, from the beginnin, to the buildup to peak time (a rare thing)  DEF a must have.


Flo Rida feat. Nelly Furtado – Jump (Chocolate Puma Remix) – great top 40s remix, really set apart from the pack cuz of its clever use of the original vocals that matches well to the beat (something which I can’t say for 96% of the remixes I hear)  Mad props.

Rob Analyze – Fall Down (Bryan Cox Dub), oh my goodness, wait till this gets dropped just right, well..  that bassline is murder on the dancefloor!  Normally I like vocals on my tracks, but the dub just hits it home here, A-Rod money.



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