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Pick up the pace with your cracked out face.

October 19, 2009

I love this video… it’s sorta how I see the world, blending from moving images on my ipod to my tv to my magazine and my mind.  The sorta odd thing about this well… this video is so sick, yet the original song is like… 3 years old or so now?

Regardless of all those things, this new(?) remix of Uffie’s Pop the Glock is really awesome.  Basically it takes the original tracks beat and adds the typical DJ Mehdi grittiness along with some arpeggiated synths that are pure 80s.  Great track

Uffie – Pop the Glock (DJ Mehdi Remix)


I just wish you looked a little bit hotter

October 15, 2009


New producer Hey! in the Limo! sent me over this track and, I gotta say, I haven’t heard a vocal banger like this in quite a while, and yes, its sick.  Here’s the sonic equation, Indie Chick Vocals + MSTRKRFT / Ocelot inspired beat = 100% distorted banger goodness.  I can’t wait to double drop this with some fidget tracks, this will sound HUGE on an upcomin -00PROOF- mixtape (stay tuned).

Soo… Check him out at his myspace and the band he remixed too here.  Also included below are a couple other similar tracks from my library that are equally worthy.  The first is a killer remix from Ocelot of the Kanye approved Mr. Hudson.  The next one is a good ole MSTRKRFT remix of NYPC, givin you more chick vocals over overdriven synth beats.  Rawr.

Parralox – Hotter (Hey! In the Limo! Remix)

Mr. Hudson – Ask the DJ (Ocelot Remix)

New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Don’t look so serious, you got your credit card.

October 14, 2009

tumblr_kqqktgTn7d1qa56uho1_400 450

These tunes bring to mind nights drivin to odd places to get into parties with people you don’t really know in neighborhoods of questionable security… and once you get there and roll in, you suddenly forget everything and realize, I’m alive, there ain’t a better day ever than doin it and doin it well today.

What joins all these songs together is a combination of indie vocals and electronic beats, the Tigercity is a little grimier but smooth, the No Device remix is ethereal and glittery, the Cassian is shrill but catchy, and the Gooseflesh has a really cool vibe and change in energy in the middle of it.  All worthy.  All approved.

Tigercity – Fake Gold (Only Children Remix), this track makes me long for Friday, hangin around people drinkin PBR, watching some VJ doin whatever the heck image thing their doin, and just zoning out with a few friends, chillin to this uber catchy electro disco, indie rocker.

Lisa Mitchell – Coin Laundry (No Device Remix), just found this over at another of my favorite blogs (Electrorash), not really a dancey track, but this has some really creative use of electronics in it, with tons of color and texture and verve.  A really nice IDM meets Electro bouncy track.

Empire of the Sun – Standing on the Shore (Cassian Remix), there have been endless remixes of Empire of the Sun, but this is the first remix I’ve heard of this track, and its a pretty darn good one at that.  A little brash on the treble, but thats nothing a few beers can’t fix.  Also uber catchy.

Gooseflesh – Still Wild, curious band name, awesome freakin song.  This one goes from indie rocker (just like the above two) an then transforms into some crazy bangin indie electro house beat.  Definitely a cool song, and something that could work well later in the night, say an hour or two into a set.

My mind’s a chain of diminishing returns

October 13, 2009


Cool digs here, found these two new tracks below from over at one of the blogs that originally introduced me to the whole wide world of electro bangers and indie rock remixes, the one and only, Discodust.  Now I could write a book about all the amazing music which was first promoted there.

DD was as big an influence to me as all the 90s rock I grew up with like the Smashing Pumpkins or NIN or Nirvana… and though they’ve slowed down as of late, Discodust is as era-defining a blog as there has been yet.  And so.. enough hyperbole and on with the tunes.

Amy Meredith – Pornstar (Diamond Cut Remix), i like this, its different from Diamond Cut‘s usually 80s sounding synthy stuff, and instead we hear, gasp, live instruments in here.  Lots of guitars, lots of big surging vocals, still very 80s, but more 80s rock, less electro-pop.  Sorta a night-ender of a track.

Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Extended Version), this sounds like something Prince would have written if he were my age and listening to his old recordings of Purple Rain while messin around on Ableton Live, studyin microeconomics, and thinkin about some girl.  This track is hip, sexy, and perfectly paced.

3.5 hours of sleep does this to you.

October 12, 2009


Way way too much imbibed this past weekend.  I think I felt kinda like the girl above, except not happy ex post facto, but hey, you can’t take it with you.  So, on a positive note, this weekend featured alot of new tunes that are really sweet and deserving of your kindly attention.

Chromeo – Night by Night (Skream Remix), never was too into the originals by either Skream or Chromeo, but this remix is classic.  This is vintage 2009 robo-funk-soul-dubstep mo-townish electronic chill out music.  So smooth n suave.  An essential track.

Ladyhawke – Magic (Classixx Remix), the Chromeo track above sings about a dude telling a girl to chill out cuz shes too dramatic and that she should take a step back and relax, this song could have been written from the girls perspective in that convo, a excellent piece of synth-pop and a perfect compliment to the above track.

Dappled Cities – The Price (Whatever Whatever Remix), airy, ethereal, haunting, beautiful, this is one of the most glowing, poignant tracks I’ve heard in quite a while.  Has a similar vibe to that Band of Horses song, ‘Funeral’, cept with a more propulsive indie hipster vocal house beat.


David Guetta & Afrojack – Toyfriend (Instrumental Version), and now for the tunes that rock the freakin’ club into multiple pieces.  This track is hugeness, its part of the that whole new sound where the melody is just some repetitive tweeting thing, but in this track its just so… so… HUGE.

Sean Kingston – Fire Burning (Jody Den Broeder Remix), JDB has been pumping out some quality remixes of top-40s tracks as of late and this one is no exception.  Not anything thats earth-shatteringly new, but definitely a tune you could drop to rein in the more pop-oriented people in the crowd.

Alaa & Kristoffer Ljungberg – Plateau, this track is a pure anthem, just listen to the drop around 3 minutes in and imagine that over the loud speakers at around 100dbs, hitting you off your barstool, not quite a peaktime banger, and not quite a transition track, this one holds down the fort.  Quality.


Friday, I’m in Love…

October 9, 2009


Yo Y’all, wait a minute, cheers from across the interwebs… here’s a few tracks that I happened to enjoy listening to after getting back from a night on the town and thinkin to myself… gosh… what would I have liked to listened too, cuz, you know what man, “I’ve had a long day, and I (_____)ing hate the Eagles.”

The Saturdays – If this Love (Moto Blanco Club Edit), this is some pure house music for house music chicks who want a little disco mixed with their gal bass beats… gotta say though, the verse & chorus are unforgettable, one of the best house tunes of 2008.


El Paso Hot Button – James Ames Dame (Trash Yourself Remix), this is such indie hipster blog haus music… great indie rock catchy hook, cool use of bleepy synths in the background, not quite as ass-kickin as their remake of NWA, but deffers a hipster beat bash.

Lil Jon – I Do (Pance Party Remix), this track is ridiculous, the production is a little raw for my taste, but the thing has such a swagger and a craziness that it has to be shared with the world at lArge.  Don’t anybody represent anymore?  I do.


Sir James – Special (Bingo Players Remix), this is a repetitive track with a pretty simple melody, but there is a subtlety here which often eludes the average house beat… what makes this track so ill is the clarity of that simple beat, its difficult to make something so basic be so punchy & so bangin.

ATFC – I Called U (The Conversation Killer), here’s something you’ve never heard before, a house beat, a backing synth an a saxophone playing the same thing over and over (only slightly different every few bars or so)… except… this time, its freakin ill, an the drop and buildup is HUGE.  A quality track thru n thru.

City Rooftop… Summer Night… Rainbow Stylin…

October 8, 2009


It’s fall, but the weather was awesome today for about a couple hours and it made me reminisce about the summer that was.  So, in keepin with my mood… here are a few breezy tracks that kinda make me want to fly to Miami and dance around on rooftops till 4am.

The Similou – All This Love

NASA – Gifted (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Ashley Wallbridge – Dionysus

I’m in the House!

October 8, 2009

tumblr_kpxfssXhwd1qa1r18o1_500 house

Here’s something that’s fun…  sorta like the pic above.  Straight up electro rap from the ever fun Steve Aoki who goes out there to just dj and have fun… cuz…  obviously…. this ain’t about the money or the fame or the girls or the bass music… its just about fun… and bein in the house.  Woo haH… gotcha’ll in check.  FYI… Zuper Blahq =

Steve Aoki feat. Zuper Blahq – I’m in the House (Gigi Barocco Remix)