DZ remixes Isaac Hayes

August 27, 2010

I love this new DZ remix of 70s king Isaac Hayes… this track makes me imagine I’m groovin to 22nd century space disco… loungin on the seashore, second hand watching fear and loathing on an ipad sitting in the sand while some girls pop designer drugs & pour champagne from a carafe on a glass table in a stucco portico close to my Tuscan villa I haven’t bought yet, singin songs I haven’t written yet…

Isaac Hayes – Walk on By (DZ Remix)


Red Cafe feat. Diddy & Fabolous

August 24, 2010

Banger alert.  Pretty minimal beat.  Nothing too unique… but its damn addictive, like oxygen, food & money.

Russ Chimes

August 24, 2010

If my life were to have a soundtrack these days… one of the highlights would be this older remix by Russ Chimes of former blogbuzzband The Golden Filter.  My life’s been an odyssey these last few years, livin in the burbs, dreaming of big things, working out, making dials, struggling and overcoming, all part of the great fight… like an 80s flick where 6 months of training, blood, sweat and tears gets squished in a 30 second to 2 minute montage.

The Golden Filter – Solid Gold (Russ Chimes)

Big Boi

August 24, 2010

Big Boi’s new album, Sir Lucious Left Foot, is a classic hip hop album.  As good as they come.  The beats and the rhythms are inventive, fresh, spontaneous, musical, and plain ole tight.  In an age where most beats sound the same, this album is just different, from the jittery stutter of Shutterbug, to the fly flow of horns to synths in Night Night to the  tribal clink clank of Your DJ Ain’t No DJ to the hypnotic guitar driven beats of Tangerine, almost everything about this album is utter quality.  This album is burning like california trees in the breeze to quote Tangerine.

Big Boi feat. T.I. & Khujo – Tangerine

Katy Perry – Teenage Dream (Vandalism Remix)

August 24, 2010

Vandalism wrote some decent tunes back in the day… but to come back with a dutch banger that hits this hard, this loud, and with this much genuine crossover appeal… well… it takes me a bit aback.  Just recently I heard his ‘Hey Hey’ remix and was sufficiently impressed enough to include it in my dutch house playlist, but this remix of Teenage Dream is an over the top, peak time banger of the first order.  If the crowds there, they’re gettin hit by this.  And they’re definitely movin… like… hardcore movement.  I guarantee it.

Porter Robinson – Say My Name

August 24, 2010

This track is an utter bomb.  Awesome combination of progressive house sounding drops mixed with huge wobbly electro fidget and syncopated synths sprinkled here and there.  Now I’ve never heard of Porter Robinson, but I can assure you this, if he keeps on producing tracks like this that blur the lines between so many styles while still hitting hard, then many more people will be saying his name ‘with honor’ – to quote the vocal sample used in his track.

Porter Robinson – Say My Name

Pendulum – The Island, Part 2 (The Dusk)

August 21, 2010

I used to rock out to Pendulum way back in 05… Hold Your Color still is the definite drum n bass album to me.  Sure there’s alot of other styles out there.  That whole jazzy hospital records scene, and all that evil sounding DnB like Noisia or Ewun or Dieselboy or whatev.  But noone combined all the disparate styles together, with musicality, sensitivity to song structure, melody, top notch production chops, and plain ole badass rocking choons like Pendulum.

Though their last album left me disappointed, this new single, The Island Part 2 (Dusk) off their third studio album is a freakin huge over the top rave in a box that harkens back to those halycon 2005 days of yore.  Taking aim at the whole dutch house scene, think Afrojack & Chuckie, Pendulum up the energy, throw in murderous classic rave synths, and make an absolutely essential top 10 of the year banger.  Definitely not for the faint of heart.

O’Connors in Brookfield CT 2Nite!

August 20, 2010

Waddup mon freres.  I’m going to be DJin’g today’s hottest underground & aboveground dance music at O’Connors in Brookfield CT on 317 Federal Road from 10pm till close.   Expect to hear stuff I post on here, stuff I don’t post on here, and a really eclectic mix of tunes.  And heck, here’s a few things you can expect to hear tonight when you come.

Rihanna – Rude Boy (Gentlemen Thieves Remix)

Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Jack Diuzi Remix)

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Penguin Prison Remix)

Aeons – Beyond the Satellites

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly – Collapsing Cities (His Majesty Andre Remix)